Tools for Captains


Whether you're considering forming a new team, getting ready to captain your first season, or going on your 15th championship, we know firsthand that as a Captain, it takes initiative and patience to manage your team. And we want you to know we're here to help make it as easy as possible, allowing you to focus on a fun and winning season!


Below we've outlined how to manage your team, and find great teammates in SLC.



Managing Your Team 



Below are some common questions and methods for managing your team each season.


How do I add players to my team roster online?


  1. Log in and click "Manage Team".
  2. Click "Invite Player" to add or invite past teammates quickly. Click "Send Link" to send an invitation link for players to join your team.
  3. Click "Recruit Free Agents" to invite players who are looking to join a team in your league.


Please note: Only Captains can invite and manage players, including the ability to remove players or revoke invites they may have already sent.


Example of a Captain's "Manage Team" page:


What are the best ways to keep track of my players?


  1. Log in > Manage Team > You will see your entire roster
  2. Message players directly from your Dashboard, or use your private Team Forum to communicate with teammates.


When and how should I remind players of upcoming games?


Players who have accepted an email invitation to join your team roster online can go to the "Profile" tab of their Player page to opt-in to receive automatic game reminders via email the day of (or Friday before) each game, including the date, time, location, and links to RSVP for that game. It's also a GREAT idea to start a team text thread or WhatsApp thread to keep the conversation alive in between games. If you need a list of your team's contact information please send an email to to get that!



Finding Players for Your Team



1. Recruit Free Agents from your team dashboard


After registering your team, click the "Manage Team" button, then "Recruit Free Agents" button (below the roster). This is where you'll see a list of all players who have registered as "Free Agents" for that specific league. Click the "Invite" text link next to any players you'd like. They'll receive an email asking if they want to join your team - that email will also include your name and personal email address in case they have questions before accepting the invite. If they accept the invite, they will be added to your roster.


2. Post in our "Beehive Subs and Future Friends" Facebook group


Post requests for players in our "Beehive Subs and Future Friends" Facebook group, a place for players and Captains to connect. Post more about your team and league, as well as the type of player(s) you're looking for. You can also post requests for subs for specific games.


3. Recruit players via your team Instagram account


Many of our teams have their own Instagram accounts, and when they tag us @beehivesports in their posts or stories, we reshare that content to our own clubwide account. So if you're looking for new players, create a post or story describing who you're looking for, tag us, and then we'll reshare on our own story to hundreds of potential players the same day. Your story could be as simple as a block of text, it doesn't have to be this fancy to work!


4. Ask friends and co-workers


Ask friends and co-workers to play, or if they know any interested players! Word of mouth is still one of the most reliable ways to recruit new players. Have your players mention to their co-workers that they're looking for another team player, or post on their Facebook to see if any of their friends might want to join. Most teams find at least 2-3 new players every season this way.



Questions and Help



Have any questions about forming or managing your team? Drop us a line anytime at and we'll be happy to get you going.