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Sunday afternoon flag football is one of the oldest, most social and most popular Beehive sports leagues. We have at least 5 divisions so players of all skill levels are welcome. League play is 8v8 with a minimum of 3 ladies on the field at all times. League rules can be found here.


To captain an entire squad click "Team" below. If you don't know anyone, no problem! Sign up as a "Free Agent" and captains will be able to invite you to their team. If you have a small group of friends (but not a full team) you're wanting to play with everyone should sign up as a "Free Agent" and list the names of all of the other people they want to play with OR just start a "Team" and invite Free Agents to fill out whatever # of spots needed. 💥💥

Flag Football
  8v8 (Min. 3 Ladies)

🏈 Sunday 8v8 Coed Flag Football (Fall '24)

  • Locations: Sunnyside Park
  • • Day: Sunday • Starts: Sunday, September 8
More Info
More Info

🏈 Pricing is per player with a minimum of 8 players for a full roster (3 Ladies Min) 🏈

✷ If there is a waitlist, teams without a full roster 7 days before the first games might be removed from the league to make space for those with a full roster. ✷


🧑🏼‍✈️ "Team" - You want to be a captain and will be recruiting a full team of people. Check out our Captain's FAQ page HERE [https://www.beehivesports.com/page/Captain-FAQ] for more details. These spots fill up fast!

🧑🏻 "Individual" - You don't know anyone and want to be placed on a team before the season starts.
👩🏽‍🦱 🧑🏼 👦🏻 "Small Group" - You have a couple friends you want to play with but not enough for a full team. Sign up as an "Individual" and use the unique code to invite your friends.

🧑🏻 "Free Agent" - This option will become available when the Individual spots are full. When you click the "Free Agent" button on a league, you will be asked to describe yourself and what type of team you're looking for. Captains from that league will then be able to view this info and invite you to join their team. It DOES NOT cost anything to sign up for the Free Agent pool; you will only be asked to pay if you accept a captain's invite to join a team. Be sure to include info or details about friends you may want to play with. Captains are often looking for several new players, so this could help your chances of being invited to join a team. Please check your Spam/Junk folder for invites. Find more info HERE [https://www.beehivesports.com/page/Free-Agent-FAQ]


🗓 7-8 Weeks Regular Season Games **Every team is guaranteed 8 games. Sometimes there will be bye weeks**
🏆 1-3 Weeks of Playoff Games. **All teams make the playoffs.**
👕 Every player receives a team t-shirt
🥇 Winning teams receive a kewl prize
🏈 Field Reservations and Flags provided, PLEASE bring a team ball.
🟠 Trained Referees for every game.
📜 Find the rules here
🍻 Post-game food and drink specials at our sponsor bars! Go support those who support us!

9.8, 9.15, 9.22, 9.29, 10.6, 10.13, 10.20, 10.27, 11.3, 11.10

11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM, 4:00 PM