NIL Sponsorships

It's 2024 and the Iron Curtain on incredibly gifted student-athletes being compensated for their likeness has lifted!


Beehive Sports is looking for 4-6 nice young men and/or women to sponsor this year.


Bonus points if you play a sport that we offer (check the site). More bonus points if you're fun, outgoing, would come out and give a 5 minute talk on how to hit a homerun, free kick, spike, etc. Or even guest play with some of our teams. 


We aren't Nike or Gatorade or Daring Dan's Dealzz on Dodge Ram Trucks so don't expect a giant pay day but a couple hundred bucks to show up and play your sport?! That's the American dream, right?



Anyway, we can work out the specifics after you fill out the form on this page. Thanks!


Interested in an NIL Sponsorship?

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