Three standing offers to save money on Beehive leagues!


  • Write a review of us on Google answering these questions: How did you hear about Beehive and who is Beehive perfect for? Send us a screenshot of your review and we'll send you a discount code to save $5 off any (limit 1) league.


  • Write a public post on Facebook or Instagram about a new friend you made playing (or someone you became better friends with). Send us a screenshot and we'll send you code to save $10 off any league, ever (limit 1).


  • Paint or draw a picture of our Spirit Animal, James Accettura (no half assing it, please) pictured below. Send us a a photo of the masterpiece and we'll send you a code for $15 off any league, ever (limit 1).



If you do all three you'll be playing for 50% off!


All screenshots and photos can be directed to