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What the hell is Futsal? Good question. Futsal is indoor 6v6 soccer played on a basketball court. The ball bounces a bit less but the premise is the same -- pass the ball around then kick it in the net. Youtube, Lionel Messi...he gets it :) League rules can be found here.


To captain an entire squad click "Team" below. If you don't know anyone, no problem! Sign up as a "Free Agent" and captains will be able to invite you to their team. If you have a small group of friends (but not a full team) you're wanting to play with everyone should sign up as a "Free Agent" and list the names of all of the other people they want to play with OR just start a "Team" and invite Free Agents to fill out whatever # of spots needed. 💥💥


field Futsal
  6v6 (Minimum 2 Ladies)

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