Futsal Rules

🌟🌟 Beehive's Golden Rules 🌟🌟

Be nice to each other,

Be nice to your referees,

Show up on-time, 

Know the rules.




There are six players on the court (minimum of 2 of each gender), so 5 players and 1 goalie. You will play two twenty-minute halves with a running clock. Ties during regular season stay as a tie. Playoff ties decided by sudden death overtime and shootout.


Beginning of Game


The beginning of the game will start with the captains performing rock/paper/scissors. The winning captain will then have one of three options, choose to kick-off first half, kick-off second half or choose a goal to defend. 




Consists of the ball being placed at mid-court. The ball must be kicked and contacted by another player. If a ball is contacted twice by the same player, the opposing will be awarded the kick-off. Kick-offs are direct and you can score off the kick-off.


Coed Rules & Team Size


Each team shall field 6 players on the court at one time. Beehive rules now allow a team to play a legal game shorthanded with either a minimum of 4 players, with at least one female. Teams may have as many players on their roster as they want. There is no maximum limit on the amount of females on the court at one time.




Teams will have until 10 minutes past the designated start time to field a legal team. Shorthanded teams may play a legal game with a minimum of 4 players, with at least one of them being a female. Teams fielding less than 4 players or without at least 1 woman will receive a forfeit. Teams may pick up players during the regular season in order to field a full team. Substitutes will not be allowed during playoffs.




Teams may substitute on the fly. There is no limit on the amount of substitutions per team/per game. *NOTE in order to substitute a player the original player must be off the court/field before the new player enters the field of play. Any violation of this rule will result in a two-minute penalty where they must play a man down. During the course of the regular season teams are allowed to pick up players that are not on their roster in order to field a full team. In playoffs no non-roster players will be allowed to play.




Play will be divided into (2) 20 minute halves separated by a brief halftime. There will be a running clock maintained by a referee. The clock will stop only during time-outs and injury time-outs. Any delay tactics will allow the referee (at his/her discretion) to stop the clock.




There will be one referee overseeing every game.


The Games/Scoring


Regular season games ending in a tie score will be recorded as tie games. Sudden death will be used in the playoffs. A golden goal sudden death will be enforced in playoffs.






All kicks will be direct kicks. The ball is to be placed at the point of the infraction and to be put in play by any player on the affected team. No opposing player is allowed to be within 5 steps of ball prior to kick unless the offensive team determines they'd like to play kick which means they do not need to wait for the official to pace off the spot of the ball. Goals may be scored on direct kicks. A direct kick is to follow these infractions: (1) Charging (2) Roughness (3)Handball (4) Dangerous play/kick (5) Slide Tackles (6) Checking and (7) Excessive Hand Usage Against Wall. Any of the above infractions which the referee deems excessive will result in a two minute penalty assessed to that individual. During this penalty, his/her team will play down one player for two minutes or until a goal is scored against his/her team. Penalties incurred within close proximity to the goal (at the ref�¢??s discretion) will be kicked from the point of infraction. The defense must stand at least half the distance between where the ball is being kicked from and the goal.


Penalty Kicks -


A penalty within the box will result in a PK. This PK will be a 1:1 between one player and the goal keeper. The offensive player will start the ball at mid-court. They may then dribble into a 1:1 with the keeper in an attempt to score. The goal keeper may also come out of the goal in an attempt to stop the PK. If the goal keeper handles the ball outside of the box, the PK will be retaken. If the player scores, the ball will be restarted as normal. If the goal keeper saves the attempt, the ball will be restarted as a goal kick. PKs will also be enforced if a goal keeper walks out of the box handling the ball.


Slide Tackling -


Slide tackling will not be allowed. Intentional slide tackles will result in a direct kick being awarded to the opposing team at the point of the infraction. Multiple violations will result in a two minute penalty awarded to the opposing team at the referee's discretion and possible ejection from the game.


Offsides - 


There is no offsides.


Out of Bounds - 


Anytime the ball goes out of bounds, a indirect kick will ensue. The person kicking in the ball must kick the ball in from the nearest point to the ball going out of play. The ceiling is considered out of bounds and will result in an indirect kick from the nearest sideline. The back wall is out of play and will result in a corner or goal kick depending on the last touch.


Obstruction - 


A player may not place their hand on the wall to prevent a player from gaining possession or advancing the ball. The offensive player additionally may not place their hand on the wall to prevent a defensive player from gaining possession. This applies to players standing near the wall. A player behind the player near the wall nullifies this rule.


Fighting - 


Fighting is not allowed and will NOT be tolerated. All parties involved in fighting will be subject to ejection from the game at the referees discretion and subject to ejection from the league at Beehive staff discretion.




Playoff games will follow the same format during regulation as the regular season. If teams are tied at the end of regulation in playoffs, a golden goal sudden death will be used. A golden goal sudden death play-off will involve 2 men and 2 women from each team for a five-minute overtime (if shorthanded 1 female and 2 males maximum). If neither team scores after the golden goal sudden death overtime period, teams will go into a shootout.


Shootout Specifics


  1. Each team selects 5 players (3 males, 2 females- if shorthanded ref will further explain specifics)- players don't have to have been playing at the end of regulation.
  2. Teams will alternate taking direct penalty shots at an open goal from 20 paces off the goal line. (No guy/ girl shooting order is necessary)
  3. If, after the 1st round, the game is still tied, 5 new players are selected (depending on team size, teams may use players from 1st round).
  4. 2nd round is SUDDEN DEATH i.e. 1st player from Team A scores & 1st player from Team B misses. Team A wins.



Substitute Players


Subs are welcome to join Beehive during the regular season for up to 3 weeks. They can fill in for any reason without needing to notify us. Just show up with a good attitude and a basic knowledge of the rules. 


If they wish to continue playing they need to join the roster by registering on the website. No, we don't have an enforcement mechanism for this except our trust in your human integrity.


During the playoffs the following stipulations will be strictly observed:


  • You must have all playoff subs approved before the start of playoffs. (This means your team should have a chat before the playoffs to ascertain if/when roster players aren't going to make games so the captain can find subs/contact the league with appropriate requests).


  • There is a limit on the number of subs that you may request (Kickball/Softball/Flag Football - 3 subs; Soccer/Dodgeball/Sand Volleyball/Indoor Volleyball/Futsal/Basketball - 2 subs; Cornhole/Darts/Pickleball - No subs are allowed).


  • You cannot request subs if you have enough rostered players to field a team. For example: Kickball is a 10v10 sport. If you have 14 players on your kickball roster and 4 are injured, you cannot request subs as you still have 10 (enough to field a full team). If you have 11 on your kickball roster and 3 are injured, you may request 2 subs so that you have 10 players.


  • Teams found to be in violation of any substitute player rules here can be retroactively forfeited from advancing (ie we find out after your first round game but before your second round game that you violated the rules, the team you beat will advance in your place).


  • In the past, subs would only be approved for injury and illness. Now, subs will be approved for whatever reason you deem them necessary (work trips, concerts, weddings, etc all fine).


  • The season being extended due to inclement weather doesn't change any of the other substitute player stipulations listed here.​​​​​​​


  • Approved subs (or your rostered players) must be used the entirety of the playoffs (you can't have Jane and Sally sub the first week of playoffs and Joan and Sarah the second week of playoffs). ​​​​​​​