Tools for Free Agents to Find a Team


Looking for a team to play for? Captains are looking for you too! 

Free Agents are players actively looking to join a team.





Most Common Ways to Join a Team



1. Register as a Free Agent


Click the "Free Agent" button for each league you're willing and available to play in - it's free to register! Captains looking for players will invite you if they think you're a good fit for their team, so be on the lookout for an invitation email. If you accept the invite, you will be asked to pay to confirm your spot on the roster. Note: If you'd like to play on the same team as a friend(s) or significant other, please add their names in your free agent description (it can't be edited after submitted, which is dumb but #softwareproblems). Your friends should also sign up as free agents and add your name.

**Helpful Hints: PLEASE leave us your phone number so we can get a hold of you if needed. PLEASE check your Spam/Junk folders for invites. PLEASE decline any invites you don't plan to accept so the captain can find someone else.


2. Post in our Facebook group


Post that you've signed up as a free agent in our "Beehive Subs and Future Friends" group so captains know you're ready and willing to play and can go into their accounts to invite you to their teams!


3. Post in our WhatsApp community


We have a number of WhatsApp threads to help you find a team. From "Free Agent Finder" to "Drinks with Strangers" to "Local Tips and Tricks" there's lot of ways to connect with potential teammates here.


4. Be a captain, start your own team


You control your own destiny! Only you can make it happen! If you want something done right, do it yourself! And other cliches. If you have at least half of a team ready to play, it's a lot easier than you think to get the other half of ppl together to start your own team, mostly because we have a pool of so many ppl just like you RIGHT NOW, all looking for a team. Just click the "Team" button for the league you want, fill out your info, then once you’re done registering, click the "Recruit Free Agents" button on your Manage Team page and start browsing and inviting Free Agent players to join your team.


Before you sign up, watch this quick video to understand the process!






Free Agent FAQ



What is a Free Agent signup?


Free Agents are players who don't have a team yet but are looking to play on one. Every season we connect players who sign up as Free Agents with Captains who are looking for additional players for their team - it's a win-win! When you click the "Free Agent" button on a league, you will be asked to describe yourself and what type of team you're looking for. Captains from that league will then be able to view this info and invite you to join their team. It does not cost anything to sign up for the Free Agent pool; you will only be asked to pay if you accept a captain's invite to join a team.


When could I expect to be invited to join a team?


It all depends how many Captains are looking for players during that particular season, in the specific league you signed up for as a Free Agent. Typically, as the league Signup Deadline approaches, Captains more actively recruit Free Agents to join their team. But the sooner you sign up, the better your chances are of being invited to join a team, since some Captains begin building their roster early on. If you are available on multiple days/leagues, be sure to sign up as a Free Agent for EVERY league you're open to playing (that means you'll click the "Free Agent" button and fill out your information multiple times potentially).


My friend and I both want to play and sign up together, but only if we’re on the same team. How can we do that?


When you sign up as a Free Agent, be sure to include info or details about friends you may want to play with. Captains are often looking for several new players, so this could help your chances of being invited to join a team.


I’m not sure if I should play, I’m not that good…


By no means do you have to be "good"! Our Coed leagues are very accommodating to players without much experience, players with no experience but who are either athletic or willing to put forth their best effort, or those who haven't played in a while. And the club atmosphere in general is welcoming and friendly.


I want to play, but I may have to miss a game because of work/vacation/etc.


If you have to miss a game or two, that’s not a problem. Captains typically carry extra people on their rosters since not everyone will be able to make the game every week. However, if you need to miss more than half the season, it’s probably best to pick another league.