Darts Rules

🌟🌟 Beehive's Golden Rules 🌟🌟

Be nice to each other,

Be nice to your referees,

Show up on-time, 

Know the rules.



Remember, this (like all things Beehive) is for fun. No one is going to become a professional dart player here. Anyone being a jerk will be asked to find a new place to play.




Beehive will provide darts for players to use when they arrive at Bewilder Brewing. 

League Structure


Teams will play 3 games (Shanghai, Golf and 301) and a BONUS beer game in a 50 minute time span. 


The Start of Play


One player from each team will throw one dart at the bullseye. Whoever is closer will be the first team to throw in the first and third games.

Players rotate throwing from each team. Example Throwing Order:

  1. Team 1 Player 1 throws 3 darts

  2. Team 2 Player 1 throws 3 darts

  3. Team 1 Player 2 throws 3 darts

  4. Team 2 Player 2 throws 3 darts

  • Throwing order must stay the same through the entire game

  • Throwing order can change before each game if desired




1. Shanghai. 


Shanghai is based on innings (a shorter version of baseball).

There are 7 innings played in sequence, and each player takes 3-dart turns at numbers 1 through 7. The goal is to score as many points as possible in each inning.

The points correspond to the inning number in play. 

For example, if it is the 2nd inning, you can only shoot at the 2. A single would be worth 2 points; double would be worth 4 points; and a triple worth 6 points. Any dart thrown outside of the inning number in play does not count.

You win this dart game by scoring the most points after 7 innings.


2. Golf 


The goal of this game is to score the lowest number possible per turn. You will play 9 "Holes" total, the team with the lowest score at the end wins. Each player gets up to three throws per turn, but only their last throw counts. This means that if you land a double on your first throw, you can (and should) decide to end your turn on that dart and mark a score of 1. If you miss the mark, you should try again.  **Beehive version... For each "hole" you can hit anywhere on the board, you DO NOT need to aim for a specific number. To make the game a little harder, aim for the "1" on hole 1, "2" on hole 2, and so on.**

Here is how the scoring works (see diagram below):

  • A bullseye is the lowest, worth 0 points
  • Doubles are the next lowest, worth 1 point
  • Triples are worth 2 points
  • Singles on the narrow part of the wedge (between the triple ring and the bull) are worth 3 points
  • Singles in the fat part of the wedge (between the triple ring and the double ring) are worth 4 points
  • If you miss the hitting any of the above or the board entirely, you get 5 points


3. 301


Each player or team begins with a score of 301.

The goal is to get to a score of zero by subtracting each three-dart score from your total points.

For example, if the first player get a 20, 10 and 1. They would subtract 31 from 301 leaving their number at 270. When it is their partner's turn, whatever they score is subtracted from 270. So and so forth until a team reaches exactly 0. 


4. BONUS BEER GAME. All four players throw three darts. The person (1) with the highest total score gets a FREE beer. Woohoo!


End of Season Tournament


After the regular season, each team is seeded based on their season record and will play the appropriate seed. Example: 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, 7 vs 8, etc. 

If there are clear breaks in skill level we will division out the teams into separate tournaments.


Substitute Players


Subs are welcome to join Beehive during the regular season for up to 3 weeks. They can fill in for any reason without needing to notify us. Just show up with a good attitude and a basic knowledge of the rules. 


If they wish to continue playing they need to join the roster by registering on the website. No, we don't have an enforcement mechanism for this except our trust in your human integrity.


During the playoffs the following stipulations will be strictly observed:


  • You must have all playoff subs approved before the start of playoffs. (This means your team should have a chat before the playoffs to ascertain if/when roster players aren't going to make games so the captain can find subs/contact the league with appropriate requests).


  • There is a limit on the number of subs that you may request (Kickball/Softball/Flag Football - 3 subs; Soccer/Dodgeball/Sand Volleyball/Indoor Volleyball/Futsal/Basketball - 2 subs; Cornhole/Darts/Pickleball - No subs are allowed).


  • You cannot request subs if you have enough rostered players to field a team. For example: Kickball is a 10v10 sport. If you have 14 players on your kickball roster and 4 are injured, you cannot request subs as you still have 10 (enough to field a full team). If you have 11 on your kickball roster and 3 are injured, you may request 2 subs so that you have 10 players.


  • Teams found to be in violation of any substitute player rules here can be retroactively forfeited from advancing (ie we find out after your first round game but before your second round game that you violated the rules, the team you beat will advance in your place).


  • In the past, subs would only be approved for injury and illness. Now, subs will be approved for whatever reason you deem them necessary (work trips, concerts, weddings, etc all fine).


  • The season being extended due to inclement weather doesn't change any of the other substitute player stipulations listed here.


  • Approved subs (or your rostered players) must be used the entirety of the playoffs (you can't have Jane and Sally sub the first week of playoffs and Joan and Sarah the second week of playoffs). 



Lastly, please take care in doing the following at all times:

Always throw from behind the line after all other players are behind you.

Don't ever throw more than one dart at a time. 

Please be courteous and kind at all times :)