Indoor Volleyball Rules

🌟🌟 Beehive's Golden Rules 🌟🌟

Be nice to each other,

Be nice to your referees,

Show up on-time, 

Know the rules.




Players: There is no maximum number of players allowed on a team. All players must be listed on the roster and sign the Beehive Sport & Social Club waiver to play. All players must be at least 21 years old at the start of the season.  Players may only play for one team.


The game will be played between 2 teams of 6 players each, 4 males and (at least) 2 female.  A team must have at least 4 players (and at least 1 woman) present at game time to avoid a forfeit. If the minimum number of players do not show up within 10 minutes of the scheduled game time, a forfeit will be called.


You may play with more than 1 female, but you must always have 1 female on the court to avoid forfeit.




Court dimensions will be 52 feet by 26 feet with a 7 foot high net.

Back and side lines will be clearly marked.

Antennae on the net will determine the area through which the ball must pass in order to be legally returned.


Game Play


The teams will play a best of 3 series of sets in order to determine the winner of the match


Each of the first two sets is played to 21 points, a team must win by 2 points. If a third set is needed it will be played to 15.


Points are scored in rally fashion (aka a point is scored after each and every serve).


The team who won the previous point gains the right to serve.


A player continues to serve provided they win the point, if their team loses the point, a new player must serve the next time that team regains serve. All players on the court must rotate through service equally.


During a rally, a team must advance the ball over the net with a maximum of 3 hits.


Cupping or holding the ball is not permitted.


Substitutions will be allowed after each point.


A player may never touch the net, if they do, they lose the point. If both team touch the net, the team that touched it first will lose the point.


A player is allowed to reach one half of their hand over the plane of the net. Anything more than that will result in a 1 point penalty.


No serves are allowed to be blocked/spiked.


Balls: Game balls will be standard 9 ounce volleyballs. The balls will be provided by Beehive Sport & Social Club.


Officials: Beehive Sport & Social Club will provide an official for each match. The Beehive Sport & Social Club official has final say over all decisions.


Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Any participant that does not conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner will be removed from the game.


Substitute Players


Subs are welcome to join Beehive during the regular season for up to 3 weeks. They can fill in for any reason without needing to notify us. Just show up with a good attitude and a basic knowledge of the rules. 


If they wish to continue playing they need to join the roster by registering on the website. No, we don't have an enforcement mechanism for this except our trust in your human integrity.


During the playoffs the following stipulations will be strictly observed:


  • You must have all playoff subs approved before the start of playoffs. (This means your team should have a chat before the playoffs to ascertain if/when roster players aren't going to make games so the captain can find subs/contact the league with appropriate requests).


  • There is a limit on the number of subs that you may request (Kickball/Softball/Flag Football - 3 subs; Soccer/Dodgeball/Sand Volleyball/Indoor Volleyball/Futsal/Basketball - 2 subs; Cornhole/Darts/Pickleball - No subs are allowed).


  • You cannot request subs if you have enough rostered players to field a team. For example: Kickball is a 10v10 sport. If you have 14 players on your kickball roster and 4 are injured, you cannot request subs as you still have 10 (enough to field a full team). If you have 11 on your kickball roster and 3 are injured, you may request 2 subs so that you have 10 players.


  • Teams found to be in violation of any substitute player rules here can be retroactively forfeited from advancing (ie we find out after your first round game but before your second round game that you violated the rules, the team you beat will advance in your place).


  • In the past, subs would only be approved for injury and illness. Now, subs will be approved for whatever reason you deem them necessary (work trips, concerts, weddings, etc all fine).


  • The season being extended due to inclement weather doesn't change any of the other substitute player stipulations listed here.


  • Approved subs (or your rostered players) must be used the entirety of the playoffs (you can't have Jane and Sally sub the first week of playoffs and Joan and Sarah the second week of playoffs).