Sand Volleyball Rules






There is no maximum number of players allowed on a team. All players must be listed on the roster and sign the Beehive Sport & Social Club waiver to play. Players may only play for one team.


The game will be played between 2 teams of 5 players each, 2 females and 3 males.  If a team shows up with only one girl (and cannot find a sub) they may play with 1 girl and 3 guys. If the minimum number of players (4 players, with at least one female) do not show up within 10 minutes of the scheduled game time, a forfeit will be called. 



Court dimensions will be 52 feet by 26 feet with a 7 foot high net.

Back and side lines will be clearly marked.

The ball must pass over the net while in bounds to be legally returned.


Game Play


  • The teams will play a best of 3 series of sets in order to determine the winner of the match
  • First service and service for a third game (if applicable) will be decided by rock, paper, scissors.
  • Each of the first two sets is played to 21 points, a team must win by 2 points. If a third set is needed it will be played to 15.
  • Teams will switch sides when one team reaches 8 in the third game. Games to 21 are capped at 26 and games to 15 at 17.
  • Points are scored in rally fashion (aka a point is scored after each and every serve).
  • The team who won the previous point gains the right to serve.
  • A server may catch or allow a bad toss to drop no more than 2 times. On the third attempt, the ball must be served or the point and service are granted to the opposing team.
  • A player continues to serve provided they win the point, if their team loses the point, a new player must serve the next time that team regains serve. All players on the court must rotate through service equally.
  • During a rally, a team must advance the ball over the net with a maximum of 3 hits.
  • Cupping or holding the ball is not permitted.
  • Substitutions will be allowed after each point.
  • A player may never touch the net, if they do, they lose the point. If both team touch the net, the team that touched it first will lose the point. Players may cross the underside of the net with half of one foot, if no contact or interference occurs with the other team's players. Any further encroachment will result in loss of the point.
  • A player is allowed to reach one half of their hand over the plane of the net. Any further encroachment will result in loss of the point.
  • Serves may not be blocked or spiked. 



Game balls will be standard volleyballs. The balls will be provided by Beehive Sport & Social Club. Please bring a team ball with which to warm up.




Beehive will have an on-site "floating" coordinator for court setup/tear down and for any questions or conflicts that may arise. Rules will be enforced by the players and primarily by an "honor system,"  but the Beehive coordinator has the official say. 


Team Substitution Rules


There is no limit on the number of substitutes that can be used in a regular season game, however certain conditions do apply (see below).


Players from other teams in the same division may sub in an official game, unless it's a playoff game in which subs are not allowed.


Playoff Substitutions


Only approved subs may substitute for the playoffs. An approved sub is a substitute who has been cleared by the League Coordinator or Commissioner. It is the team captain's responsibility to do this. An approved sub may only play in another paid, rostered player's spot.


Exceptions will be made for injuries. If a player gets hurt and cannot play, a substitute will be able to be approved by the League Coordinator or Commissioner. This does not apply to work conflicts. Exceptions for a work conflict will only be made under extreme circumstances and will be determined at the League Coordinator's or Commissioner's discretion.


In order to approve a sub: The team captain must inform the League Coordinator or Commissioner of the sub's name and email so that they may be added to the roster as an approved sub.


Unsportsmanlike Conduct


Any participant that does not conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner will be removed from the game.