Tuesday Coed 2v2 Cornhole (Spring '23)

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The Shuckers will be a few minutes late

Hi there. Just letting Children of the Corn know that The Shuckers will be a few minutes late tonight 5/30. Sorry about that.

Corn Hub can't make it on 5/23

I know this is late, but we can't make it this week. If we could get a by week, that would be perfect since we didn't have one yet. Otherwise, we will have to forfeit. Sorry for the late notice.

Corn on the Lob Forfeit April 18th

Nate, I was looking for a way to contact you on the site and this is the best I could find. You can mark Corn on the Lob down for a forfeit tonight - we won't be able to make it. Sorry, dude.

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