🏐 Mon 6v6 Coed Indoor Volleyball (Winter '24) (Advanced Skill League ONLY)

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Nasty Ref

I thought this was supposed to be an advanced league but the ref doesn’t even know volleyball rules. He’d instantly threaten to end the game and kick you out if you asked him a question or ask him to explain why he’s calling everyone cheaters. There’s never an explanation, only threats. I thought Beehive was for some friendly competition, but really it was the ref making calls for his wife’s team to win it all and for him to tell players “Just go home and enjoy being a loser”. Real professional ref Michael Ki.


Inappropriate Ref

Anyone else thought the ref was inappropriate and unprofessional ? Going off on a power trip whenever he could. Not explaining any of his calls if you asked him to. Instantly goes to "I'll kick you out if you say anything else." There were plenty of instances over the weeks. Also, he's married to someone on the #1 seed team. That was pretty obvious but then confirmed on facebook. The guy is just a jerk. Not a good representation for Beehive.
Michael Ki, I hope you never ref again, you aren't fit for it.


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